Filmmaker Credits:

REBIRTH ON THE BAYOU?working title (documentary, feature): Director/Producer/DP/Editor


            WHEN THE STORM CAME (documentary, short):  Director/Producer/DP/Editor


Awards:       Jury Prize in Best Short Filmmaking, Sundance Film Festival (2004)

(4000 submitted, 83 qualified entries)

Silver Documentary, AMPAS, Student Academy Awards (2004)

2nd Place Documentary, ATAS, College Television Awards (2004)

Bricker Award, ATAS, College Television Awards (2004)

Best Documentary Short, Cleveland Film Festival (2004)

Best Documentary Short, Cinema Epicuria Sonoma Film Festival (2004)

Golden Eagle Award, Student Documentaries, CINE (2004)

Audience Award, Favorite Documentary Short, Orinda Film Festival (2003)

Angelus Award Finalist (2003)

            Over 30 Festivals attended 


Additional Film Work: 


      Feature Films:


                        THE LIGHTER SIDE OF SUICIDE (comedic, work-in-progress, 2008):  Director/Co-Writer

                        WHEN I WALK (documentary, work-in-progress, 2008):  DP/Adviser

                        AL QAREM (dramatic, 2007): Co-Producer/Assistant Director

                                    -won Garden State Film Festival Cinematography Award

                        MAD AUGUSTUS -working title (documentary, 2004): Avid Editor

                        WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION (documentary, 2003): Camera/Crew


      Short Films:


                        HUMBERVILLE (comedic "mockumentary," work-in-progress, 2008):  Producer / 2nd Unit DP

                        BURMA MEDICAL (documentary, work-in-progress, 2008):  Burma Unit DP / Thai Unit Sound

                        ONE BRIDGE TO THE NEXT (documentary, 2007): Avid Editor

                                    -won Aspen Shortsfest Audience Choice Award

                        MILESTONE (documentary, 2007):  FCP Editor

                        CHEERLEADER (documentary, 2003):  Camera/Crew

                                    -won student Oscar

                        TALK TO ME (documentary, 2003): Camera/Crew


Advisor to Student Documentary Shorts (Sundance/Spy Hop, 2007):


                        Esther's Story, Evicted, Kick Me, Tag It, A Convenient Solution

Sample Television Work:


                        KASHMIR THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD (ABC World News Tonight—Weekend):  Producer/Reporter/Camera


Student Work (UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, 2001-2002):

                        ANGEL ISLAND: BARRACKS AT THE PARK (CNS Magazine):  Producer/Reporter/Camera

                        GOING HOME TO NEW NEW YORK (CNS Magazine): Producer/Reporter/Camera

                                    ABDUL MAJEED MARSALA: A LION'S LEGACY (CNS Broadcast):  Co-Producer/Editor/Camera

                        THEATER ARTAUD: SAVING A LEGEND (CNS Broadcast): Producer/Reporter/Camera


Other Production Work:


                        11 HOURS –demo reel (documentary, feature, 2007):  FCP Editor

                        NICOLE COLLINS: LIVE AT THE BAGGOT INN -demo reel (music, 2006):  FCP Editor

                        A DREAM IN DOUBT -demo reel (documentary, feature, 2005):  FCP Editor

                        A CAKE IN A CUP PRODUCTIONS – wedding videos

                        CAUGHT BETWEEN GUNS –demo reel (documentary, 2003): Filmmaker

                                    -won SAJA Award – Student Reporting

Multimedia Work:


Student Work (UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, 2001-2003):               

                        THE BONDAGE OF DEBT (2001):  online print and photographic essay

                                    – won SAJA Award – Student Reporting

                        WHEN THE STORM CAME (2003):  interactive web story including video and flash presentation

Sample Radio Pieces:


                        BEIJING SPRING: CHINA'S LIBERAL RESURGENCE? (Voice of America, 1998): Producer/Reporter


Student Work (UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, 2004):            

                        DANIEL PEARL: THE MUSIC MAN: Producer/Reporter

                        DITTO'S MILK: CLONED FOOD: Producer/Reporter

                        RAINBOW REPRODUCTION: Producer/Reporter

                        AARON RODGERS: HOPE FOR THE BIG GAME?: Producer/Reporter

                        GUANTANAMO BAY: A LEGAL PERSPECTIVE: Anchor interview

Sample Print and Photo Work:


                        NYC Hospitals Respond to Twin Tower Attacks ("Frontline News Magazine," 2001): print

                        A CHILD'S LABOR ("Frontline New Magazine," The Hindu, 1999): photo essay and article

                        PICTURES FROM TIBET (Agence France-Presse, 1998): photos


Student Work (UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, 2001-2004):               

                        THE VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF IDENTITY: Photo essay on immigrant cultures

                        ABDUL MAJEED ARSALA: THE LION'S LEGACY: Magazine piece

                        WHY "THEY" HATE US: September 11 opinion piece

                        THE TIBETAN MYSTIQUE:  Story of Bay Area refugee community